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SURGEON Hünkar Batıkhan

I was born in Eskisehir in 1976. I graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 2001 and completed my specialization in Ankara University ENT Department in 2006.

The answer to this question may vary specific to the patient. There may be patients who need to apply both open technique and closed technique. For example, if the patient has severe nasal septum deviation that prevents breathing, and complex procedures will be performed in the nasal structure during rhinoplasty, open technique may be required. At this point, the fact that the surgeon is experienced in both open and closed technique should not be ignored.

Patients who experience symptoms such as sudden and severe ear pain should immediately contact their ENT specialists. Permanent hearing loss may occur if the tympanic membrane perforation developed due to trauma, insertion of foreign bodies into the ear or neglected chronic ear infections are not treated. Although the eardrum is a self-healing tissue, it may need to be treated surgically in advanced cases. In such a case, eardrum surgery called “tympanoplasty” or “myringoplasty” become a current issue.

“Allergic reactions” occur when the person’s body is contacted with allergens that are classified as “I don’t know this substance, it can harm me so I should fight it”. Some may experience complaints such as runny nose, watering of eyes, itching in eyes, nasal obstruction and sneezing, when they share the same environment with pets, in periods when pollen and spores are intense in the atmosphere, or in a continuous manner. Allergic rhinitis is a health problem that can decrease a person’s quality of life and can be controlled when the right treatment methods are applied. It can affect people of all ages and may require patients to change their lifestyle, depending on the type of allergen.

It is a very difficult question because there are many different reasons that can cause snoring! Snoring may result from airway narrowing due to excess weight, advancing age, sleep apnea, intranasal physiological problems that may cause septum deviation or nasal obstruction, intraoral anatomy, sleeping position, extreme fatigue and insomnia. After the causes of snoring are detected in patients who complain about chronic snoring, their snoring complaints can be eliminated with cause-oriented treatments. Thus, both the patients and their relatives who are affected by their snoring problem can spend more peaceful nights.

Over time, our mimics leave a permanent mark on our faces, our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles lift effectiveness, our cheeks collapse and goose foot forms on the corner of our eyes. There is more, but I want to come to a conclusion without demoralizing. Thanks to the filler applications, we can say “wait a little longer” to the time without any surgical intervention. We can get much more successful results with the filler applications performed before the marks become evident.